As trendsetters, we understand putting your ideas on paper can be a seemingly impossible task.  The Vintage Beehive can help by simplifying the process and delivering a product that is uniquely branded to your goals and ideas.

Our service is flexible, meaning we can be as involved as you want or provide input only where you see necessary.  Together we will define your goals, refine your ideas and watch them become a success.  The Vintage Beehive will deliver them to you in real life through our exceptional design and customized products that stem from your original ideas.  

What we offer is unique for eager entrepreneurs, seasoned companies, and most popularly – individuals looking to create from their imagination.  If you aren’t seeing what you are looking for, ask.  The Vintage Beehive wants to work for and with you. Our goal is to make things happen.


As the voice and Creative Director behind The Vintage Beehive, Brittany Pryor has always felt passionate through all things design.  Starting in her early childhood, Brittany had spent her days living in her imagination – creating, designing, and waiting for the day to bring her ideas to life,   Her creativity led her to pursue a degree in public relations and communications from West Virginia University, to which she had her first hands on experience in real-life design with various non-profit organizations.  Since then she has worked in diverse industries including hospitality, construction/architecture, beauty, photography, and event planning.  Through her vast experience, she honed her craft by managing brand identities, designing custom content, organizing events, and fulfilling countless global business goals.  After designing logos for friends, invitations for birthdays and baby showers, save the dates for weddings and styled shoots for engagements, Brittany sought out a more focused means of sharing her creativity and designs.  Thus, the Vintage Beehive was born.